Standard Apartments Las Brisas

Apartments for rent in Son Xoriguer, Menorca


  1. BLOCK A: 1 bedroom without air conditioning, plus 2 2 bedrooms apartments without air conditioning.
  2. BLOCK B: 2 bedrooms without air conditioning, plus 2 more at Block A.
  3. BLOCK D: 1 bedroom with air conditioning.

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION: You will reserve an unspecified apartment with 1 bedroom with or without air conditioning, or 2 bedrooms (they do not have air conditioning).
All requests as first floor, low, pool / sea view, early check-in, late check-out, apartment or concrete block, etc. are subject to availability, and have an extra cost of € 40 per request.

The common characteristics to all of them are

Architecturally, each block is different.
They are distributed in 2 floors: Ground Floor and Upper Floor. There are never many stairs. Both the highs and the lows have an outdoor space, with a table and 4 chairs (with 1 bedroom) or 5 chairs (with 2 bedrooms).
Kitchens integrated in the dining room. All equally well equipped with: microwave, Italian coffee maker, toaster, electric kettle and blender. Service for 4, in 1-bedroom apartments and for 6 in 2-bedroom apartments. Kitchens with 2 vitro fires. Of course, they also have the kitchenware (pots, pans, etc.), not as much as home as it is a holiday place.
Low fridges that fit under counter with small freezer.
All have 2 white resin wing clotheslines.

None has a washing machine, but we offer a laundry service: It costs € 8 for a 10-kg washing machine. You bring us the laundry and we take care of the products and wash them. We return it in a basin so you can hang up the clothes it in your apartment.